Yes, a platform was needed where expats can come and share, learn and socialize with other fellow photographers.

The club was founded in May ’12 and currently has 330 members which are growing everyday. The club is almost free and non-profit as most of us are volunteers. The main objective of the club is to bring forth a platform where expats will come together to share, learn, guide and network with other fellow photographers. The club aims to provide an informal, supportive and friendly environment for photographers of all levels and it creates a driving force to build a better photography society. We are conducting weekly seminars and workshops for everyone.

With no night life and limited sources of fun, I guess this force will drive us. Therefore, we call upon all expat photographers here in the State of Kuwait to come and join hands with us.

Below are some of our activities,

  • Fashion Photography (27th June 2012)
  • Camera/Photography – Basics (4th July 2012)
  • Time-Lapse Photography (11th July 2012)
  • HDR Photography (29th August 2012)
  • Camera Operations One-on-One (12th September 2012)
  • Composition & Macro Photography (26th September 2012)


  • Wedding Photography (3rd June 2012)
  • Star Trail and Light Painting (22nd June 2012)
  • Candle Photography (18th July 2012)
  • Sunrise Walk (28th July 2012)
  • Automobile Photography (5th September 2012)
  • Sunset Shoot (19th September 2012)
  • Sunrise Workshop (5th October 2012)
  • Kuwait Cityscape at Night (18th October 2012)
  • MAKE THAT SHOT – Session 1 (16th November 2012)

You can contact us:

  • @Q8EPC
  • q8epc.info@gmail.com

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