Star Trails & Light Painting Workshop

We welcome you to join us for the Star Trails & Light Painting Workshop.
Gathering will be done 3:30PM Friday afternoon at PRONTO WASH Parking located on 4th Ring Road. We move at 4PM from there and drive towards our final location which is in North of Kuwait.
Sunset will be around 5:15 PM so we need to reach our final location before it so we can scout the area.
Any type of gear is welcome. Even if you are not shooting, you are most welcome. But below are the recommended gears:
2. A sturdy tripod
3. Wide angle lens
4. High capacity memory card
5. Torch/Lights/Flash (for light painting)
6. Intervalometer (helps you shoot at regular intervals)
Useful tips:
1. Ensure your car battery is in good condition.
2. Wear boots as the desert is unpredictable.
3. Bring a chair / mat to relax.
4. Bring your own food 🙂
5. If you don’t want to drive or no transport, reach the meeting location and we will make a seat for you.
Contact 97213032 / 97144438 for any other details.
See you there 🙂

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