Portrait Photography Challenge


The Challenge Series are back!

The theme of this challenge is to enable you to take great portrait images. Also, it will teach you how to work in group and achieve better results.


2 models, 2 teams, 20 photographers (10 per team)


1. Camera and lens

2. Any lighting source or reflectors

3. Laptop with editing software


2 teams will be formed with a group leader amongst them. The objective is to take portraits by planning and helping each other. The workshop results will then be discussed in the Club and necessary post processing techniques will be discussed.


2 K.D. per Photographer (to be paid before the start of workshop)


Its first come first serve basis. As soon as the 20 seats are booked, the booking will stop. The final location will then be sent to those who have successfully registered. So kindly don’t RSVP if you are not willing to join later.

Registration through the below link only. The booking made through the below link will only be considered official.


See you there at the workshop.

Adel (97213032)

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