Night out with the Stars

Q8 Expats Photography Club hosted “Star Trails & Light Painting” workshop in Umm Al Aish, place where Kuwait’s first satellite station was located.

Around 70 attended the workshop. For most, it was the first time.

Photographing star trails is a remarkable technique to capture the night sky in a camera. It can be astonishing to see the images obtained at night or in very low light conditions. The human eye can only discern shades of gray in low light whereas the camera can “see” wavelengths (colors) for example, infra-red and ultraviolet. There are two ways to capture a star trail the first way is to shoot one long exposure and leave the shutter open during that time, the second way is to shoot lots of shorter exposures and then combine this later by using a computer software. The time frame could expand from minutes to hours. “As the earth is revolving whereas the stars are stationery, we capture the movement of the stars.”

Also, there was Steel Wool spinning, one of the most exciting forms of Light Painting photography.

Light painting is a technique where in if the exposure is long, the photographer can
even move through the image while it is being exposed and illuminate different parts
of the scene in different light.

Highlights from the Event.

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